Reflection Time - I | Tiempo de reflexión - I


I wanna share with all of you this reflection I made two years ago, from my personal Facebook account.

Time ago I don't do this but, well, I'll see what it results (above all 'cause it's past one and a half and I have sorrow in my eyes).
Where I begin?
Well, I've been drawing quite lately, not so much I'd like, but yes quite.
Sometimes with a half desire, sometimes with more desire and others with no desire at all (about this last case, with nothing more that looking the pencil and the blank sheet).
I draw since before the ten years old and patience, time and constance gave me certain knowledge on this art.
Someone can call this a talent, but no: the drawer is more practices than talent (ot it's what I think).
I like to draw, I feel good doing it, it transmits me peace and comfort (especially with myself).
A lot of people see this as a waste of time and others do this to live.
But I don't know how to continue sometimes, because a little stagnant.
Sometimes I get frustrated because putting myself a time on a project and not finish it in that period, or when the result is not what I expected (it happens a lot often), or when I think if I choose the right hobbie, or when I start to get crazy thinking that I need more art materials to expand myself a little more or having another kind of focus (an own style, a base, a fairly professional preparation or something).
No, I just have 15 years of own practice: I learned by myself and handle by myself, as my case.
Of course, I have inspirations: manga, anime, animated series, landscapes, random drawings, etc.
Dragon Ball was my firs inspiration.
Now I'm with another stuff to get inspired, but DB will be eternal for me.
As I was saying, I also get complicated when I have no enought economic stability to buy, at least, a couple materials or some sources of inspiration such as Music or books.
And I go ahead, nonetheless, because it makes me feel good.
Projecting my ideas on paper, creating another reality, feeling that I am he who manages the situation, the creator of a world... or an universe.
I'm a god.
That... THAT is what I want for me, my goal.
No, I don't wanna be a god, I just wanna be the creator of my unverse... or universes.
I don't care too much about recognition (although never is it other), I only care more what I mentioned: feeling peace and comfort with myself doing what I like.

And is not about that, this what we call "Life"? About battling in spite of adversities and say "I have triumphed, I have peace now"?
I don't know, I don't know, I'm just 23 years old and, even though I lived my thing, I'm missing a lot about many issues.
It's gonna be difficult, I know, but the peace and comfort are gonna be the best rewards.


Deseo compartir con todos/as ustedes esta reflexión que hice hace dos años, de mi cuenta personal de Facebook.